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Full Spectrum: Ethiopia Limited Oxygen Hada Molecha

Full Spectrum: Ethiopia Limited Oxygen Hada Molecha

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Our Full Spectrum series celebrates coffees with explosive and unique flavors resulting from innovative processing methods.

This is a truly special coffee only available from Radio Roasters. We were the winning bidder on this lot in an exclusive auction of Ethiopia coffees sourced by our partners at Catalyst Trade who oversaw its rigorous fermentation process at the Hada Molecha washing station in Ethiopia's Aricha district.

The coffee underwent a controlled fermentation where it is placed into a sealed fermentation chamber and off-gassing CO2 displaces oxygen in the interval of the cycle. The duration of oxygen displacement is key to this process, not too great but enough time to target a boosted fermentation. This is often called "Anaerobic," essentially limiting the oxygen content in the fermentation cycle. Fruit expression is intensely boosted in the Limited Oxygen experience.

You can expect elevated fruit and other notes including: huckleberry jam, candied passion fruit, elderberry syrup, blackberry tea, and citra hops.

Easily the finest coffee we have ever sourced. A stunning cup.

Note: We find this coffee benefits from 7-10 days rest after roast day 

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