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Costa Rica Cascara

Costa Rica Cascara

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Cascara is the dried pulp of the coffee cherry once it is removed from the seed. 

The coffee that contributes to this lot is from Naranjo and was specifically picked to become cascara. After the coffee was harvested and depulped, the cherry skins were washed, pasteurized, and dehydrated in a sterile facility.

The brewed drink has note of tart citric acidity with flavors of apple juice, raisin, florals, and oolong tea and woody aftertaste.

Importer: Cafe Imports. Read more here.

Brewing suggestions

Hot Cascara Tea
10oz brew: 24g cascara steeped in 400g water at 205-208° for 5:00

Iced Cascara Tea
16oz iced brew: 24g cascara steeped 200g water at 205-208° for 5:00.

Strain and immediately dilute with 200g of ice to chill, and then add ice.

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