Frequently Asked Questions

How is your coffee sourced?

As we've grown, we've begun to develop direct trade as much as we can. That doesn't necessarily mean we're buying coffee directly from the grower - it means working with green coffee exporters who then connect us with producers, be it an individual estate/farmer or, more likely, a co-op working with a variety of smallholder farms in a region. Small roasters like us lean very heavily on our importing partners to connect us with producers focused on quality.


Is your coffee certified Fair Trade/Organic/RFA, etc?

There is a big discussion around certifications like Fair Trade and Organic, etc. While we appreciate why some customers seek such labels, we believe many of the specialty coffee producers (as opposed to commodity coffee) we work with are already using sustainable practices. But many are too small to afford the expensive costs associated with obtaining the certifications. That said, pursuing sustainable practices and ensuring equitable pay for producers are our guiding principles and we're always open to discussing with our customers. 


Do you focus on particular origins or types of coffee?

While we do have some favorite origins (like Ethiopia), we don't seek coffee simply based on origin. We seek coffees that excite, delight and satisfy us. Bright, crisp coffees that can jump start our day. Smooth, chocolatey coffees...sweet and balanced. Or adventurous coffees with notes of tropical fruits, berries or stone fruit. We love sharing these with our community.

We currently explore and source from a core group: Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. 


What is coffee processing? What does "natural" or "washed" mean?

Coffee processing is what happens after coffee cherry is picked. Processing methods have a direct effect on the quality of the brewed coffee. Different methods are used by producers for different reasons depending on origin and resources. A few common methods for the coffees we source are described in our processing section page. 


How long does your coffee stay fresh?

In our experience, our coffee can taste great up to six weeks after the date of roast (we note the date on the bag).

While many focus on a coffee's roast date, we have observed certain coffees come into their prime days or even more than a week after the roast date. Some of our washed Ethiopia and Kenya offerings are such coffees. 

Once the bag is opened, we recommend you use the coffee within three weeks. But storing your whole bean coffee in a cool, dry place, away from heat and light (and smooth jazz), sealed in its original packaging or in an airtight container can dramatically prolong its "flavor life." 

Please avoid avoid storing beans in the refrigerator, freezer or near the kitty litter. For the best taste, grind immediately before brewing (not ahead of time to store), even if it means waking up the neighbors.

And when it comes to roast date and how long after that you brew it - we always say, let your tastebuds be the judge, not the calendar.


How do I get your coffee?

Come in and browse our current offerings at our Decatur roasting space. Or, order online and choose In-Store Pickup at checkout. No codes needed. We’ll notify you when the order is ready for you. Our cafe/roastery is open 7 days a week: Mon-Fri 730a-1p and Sat-Sun 8a-4p. Call before making a special trip - we sometimes must alter our store times without notice.

Coffee, merchandise, and equipment is shipped via either USPS First Class, USPS Priority or UPS for larger packages. USPS has a stated estimated shipping time of 1-6 days; we typically see coffee shipped within Georgia arrive in 1-2 days. Please understand, once we hand over your package to the shipper, we have no control over its progress. We will do our best to help you resolve any issues, but please note, we are not in control of the shipping gods.


Any suggestions for how your coffee should be brewed?

See our brew guide for a variety of brew methods and general instructions.


I want to sell (or serve) your coffee. Who do I talk to?

We seek true coffee partners who are as focused on quality as we are. Radio offers its dedicated partners everything from staff training, to free shipping, equipment (often at discounted prices), menu consulting, and other services.

If you’re interested in carrying Radio Roasters coffee, please visit our Wholesale page to explore our program and fill out the inquiry form. Once submitted, a member from our Wholesale team will drop what they're doing and follow up to learn more about your business's goals and needs.


I’m just looking for some new music recommendations.

In theory, coffee lovers are also music obsessives. They tend to be a particularly discerning bunch. Many Radio coffee drinkers are musicians, music journalists, audio enthusiasts, public radio nerds, budding DJs, and daydreamers. If they're not asking us to turn it down, some customers often ask what’s playing at the shop, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite playlists — ask us about them if you dare. We'll post some on the site if the demand is loud enough!