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Full Spectrum: Sebastian Ramirez Pink Bourbon

Full Spectrum: Sebastian Ramirez Pink Bourbon

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Clean, sparkling and bright

From producer Sebastian Ramirez's Fincas El Placer in Quindio, this washed process Pink Bourbon is one of the cleanest and most balanced in his portfolio.

This is where it all begins, with floral and sweet notes sparking his imagination to determine which instruments from his farm can bring out its best potential for the other processes. We're thrilled to start working with Sebastian and starting with this stunning, foundational pink bourbon has us excited for what's next!

Processing: After the cherry is harvested it is depulped the same day. It then undergoes a 24-36 hour fermentation in tanks before a triple washing. It's dried under canopy for 15 days, then put into GrainPro bags for another 15 days to stabilize. 

Importer: Unblended Coffee
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