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Full Spectrum Series: Juicy Strawberry

Full Spectrum Series: Juicy Strawberry

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Our Full Spectrum series celebrates coffees with explosive and unique flavors resulting from innovative processing methods.

This coffee from producer Brayan Alvear in Acevedo in Huila, Colombia features intense strawberry cereal milk notes with a creamy body reminiscent of white chocolate.

The coffee is processed with a pre-fermentation of 24 hours in a plastic bag, followed by 24 hours in cherry that is then de-pulped and fermented with fruits that have been dehydrated and ground to have a higher concentration of flavors. Fermentation lasts 5 days anaerobically, followed by mechanical drying for 10 days with a stall of 5 days to promote a higher retention of flavors.
Re-usable jar contains approx 4oz of coffee.
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