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Full Spectrum Petals + Pulp: Roses

Full Spectrum Petals + Pulp: Roses

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Colombian coffee producer Juan Puerta studied food science at university and is applying his skills in an innovative coffee process known as "osmotic dehydration." That's the partial removal of water from plant tissue by immersion in another solution. Crazy right? Read on!

The process begins with the harvesting of coffee cherries in optimal maturation, then the cherry is put in water to separate the "floaters" — coffee cherries that are empty or have defects.

The coffee fruit is then taken to closed tanks for dry fermentation for 3 days, then these coffee cherries are pulped. The pulped coffee is put in tanks with concentrated glucose juice and many rose petals. The brix degrees (measurement of sugar content) of the concentrated juice were adjusted to carry out osmotic dehydration.

After two days of treatment, the coffee is taken to traditional sun dryers for approximately 15 days.

The result is a phenomenal flavor profile that shows off fruit notes that complement the source coffee.

We love this innovative process, the heart of why we started our Full Spectrum line. We think you'll love it too.

Importer: Sens Coffee via Yellow Rooster Coffee

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